William Browning was laid off two years ago from the mine where he had worked for six years. Now, he

Alienated and Angry, Coal Miners See Donald Trump as Their Only Choice

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Christine Christian


  1. Wind, Water and Wildlife - Wyoming's only viable economic future
    20 Aug, 2016
    This is Not your Grandpa's Wyoming Anymore!
    I may have lost in the Primary Election but I haven't lost my direction.  This page is still about House District 22 and Wyoming Politics.  I intend to keep stirring it up.   The Voices of Wyoming Progressives will not be ignored!  Come check out the redesign of the site - with all of the reference content still available. Thanks for listening!
  2. Welcome to my new Blog
    19 Aug, 2016
    Welcome to my new Blog
    Hello and welcome to my new Blog - please notice that the web content I published before for my campaign is still available on this site and we can talk about that and more. I'll be rounding up some posts on the issues so check back soon!  Chris  Let me add:  Please, Vote for Marylee White 4HD22
  3. Lakota County Times Dakota Access Pipeline
    21 Aug, 2016
    Distressing that No National News is Reporting
    Camp of the Sacred Stone  Douglas Gage "I am calling all holy men and healers from all nations to join with me and ask for the rain and storms to stop these people from desecrating our mother. Together we can stop this." Chris Christian shared Lakota Country Times's photo. I believe it was in Civics class that I was taught flag etiquette and taught it to all my Girl Scouts over the years. I have a flag in my front window for just such an emergency. Better make sure my neighbors know this too,
  4. Angry Coal Miner
    21 Aug, 2016
    Liz Cheney for Virginia
    The Black helicopters are back in Jackson. Liz Cheney must finally have arrived in the state she wants to conquer. Just flew over the house - Blackhawk. Liz Cheney for Virginia!
  5. The State Integrity Investigation is a comprehensive assessment of state government accountability a
    20 Aug, 2016
    Trouble in America's statehouses: secrecy, questionable ethics and conflicts of interest
    State Integrity 2015 Only three states score higher than D+ in State Integrity Investigation; 11 flunk Wyoming Grade F Score 51 Rank # 49!
  6. This Indian Tribe Is Fighting For Our Country’s Clean Water And No One Is Reporting It
    19 Aug, 2016
    Dakota Access Pipeline Scheme
    These people want to protect our natural water supply from being potentially compromised it what would be a risky event. A pipeline beneath one of our country’s main water supplies is more than dangerous to our health, it is unethical. A spill would ruin not only our drinking water, but farmland. So far, the protesters of forced a cease in operations, but that might only last so long as reinforcements are called in. Also see,